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Almost 90 percent 86 percent of British office workers are more likely to learn far from forgetting to perform minor tasks, such as cleaning or loading dishwater and to keep their office clean, rather than following the plans of the RGPD, with respect to a new Products - Records report submitted at this time. The survey, conducted with materials for your Fellowes office specialist, is taken into account regardless of whether GDPR has considered UK office workers authentic since its launch in April of this year. Fellowes' research found that only 14% of staff were already allowed to recklessly process private records, even though their state office functions, such as cleaning or finishing the dishwasher, had placed them in the office. coolest atmosphere. water. The information, obtained from about 1,500 British employees in the United Kingdom on 1 July 2018, also indicates that many people are more likely to be questioned about missing production times and staying late 17% to ensure that they are certified with the GDPR. More files from the Fellowes questionnaire reveal that staff are understanding the handling of private files as per the RPG's suggestions: "This is in fact a worrying sign that UK companies are more interested fellowes storage boxes in administrative tasks than the GDPR, which could cost millions of pounds." 10% of staff do not know who is responsible for the GDPR within its Products - Records enterprise, and the truth is that the defense of private data is everyone's responsibility, and it is disturbing to see that about one in five employees do not have a concrete plan to deal with the RGPP, which needs to be improved, otherwise companies pay the purchase price.

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